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Piece of Mind with AWAY Premium Carry-On Luggage

I purchased an AWAY carry-on luggage on my recent business trip to St Petersburg, FL. I’ve traditionally been the backpacker type with sporting a large backpack everywhere I went but I lacked a nice professional piece of luggage for my business trips. After much research, I decided to pay a premium for the cool startup that makes Casper beds, also the makers of the AWAY luggage carry-on.

AWAY comes in four different sizes, I’d recommend “The Bigger Carry-On” since it fits in all airplane overhead storage and is large enough to fit a few days worth of clothes. The little feature that they all have that makes this a nice touch are that it’s equipped with two USB ports with a battery for charging. It can come in handy in tight situations for sure. It also has a standard TSA approved combination lock.

The luggage is very simple, looks great and drives smooth. I’d expect nothing more, its just simply the perfect little luggage carry-on.

For $20 OFF your AWAY Carry-On:

Pao & Cha Cha delightful Chinese Venezuelan Fusion

Just to other day, my girlfriend and I hadn’t had breakfast yet and it was already mid afternoon. We found this little hole in the wall place on Astoria Blvd called Pao & Cha Cha a Chinese Venezuelan fusion spot. They were undergoing a menu change says the owner Pao. The owners wife had just finished the menu and we were the first to try the beef tostones with their special sauce topped with shredded cheese. It was quiet beautiful I must say and delicious. The tostones was perfectly crispy while the taco like beef was just the right texture. Portion sizes are on the smaller size but it hit the spot.

Check it out:
23-03 Astoria Boulevard, Queens, NY 11102

Datto BDR vs Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Backup

I have been selling Datto BDR to my clients for the past 4 years. Datto is a  BDR solution sold by many MSP/VARs in the IT management space. It features a private label SuperMicro chassis with linux based OS running Datto’s software. It touts hybrid virtualization which means you have the ability to spin up your servers virtually in the Datto cloud in a DR scenario or spin up the server locally on the Datto appliance itself (only available in select models). For the most part it works however it’s expensive as you start backing up larger amounts of data. Anything over 1TB becomes out of reach for most SMB customers.

Datto Pros:

  • One appliance takes care of it all
  • IT company manages health of the appliance and monitors backup
  • Centralized management portal for all Datto appliances in MSP fleet
  • Datto managed DR scenario – support from Datto Team
  • Backs up legacy OS, Windows 2003 included
  • Works with VMWare, Hyper-V and Physical Servers

Datto Cons:

  • Requires 50% of free space to provide adequate protection
  • Non salable growth: if you surpass unit GB allowance, you must upgrade to a larger unit
  • Expensive for a BDR solution for clients with larger than 1TB of data

Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery on the other hand was designed to backup on-premise physical and virtual machines. Both VMware and Hyper-V environments are supported. Certain linux distributions such as RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu and SuSE is also supported. There is a per instance fee of $25 per machine backed up but the costs are much more reasonable. The technology is also much better. Datto uses StorageCrafts backup technology which in my opinion is antiquated. Azure Site Recovery uses a Site Recovery dedicated machine and backups via site recovery agents. What you would have to do first is to design a Azure network used for your emergency workload. This means you are creating a vnet, a vnet gateway and a VPN back to your premise, setting up Azure Site Recovery, backing up your environment and testing your disaster scenario. If this is done right, you eliminate the need for having a high monthly Datto charge and you’ll end up with a highly flexible Azure solution.

Azure Site Recovery Pros:

  • Very salable, back up unlimited workloads and LOB applications – never run out of resources
  • Use Azure’s infrastructure for running your workload in a DR scenario
  • Priced very reasonably, $16/month for customer owned sites or $25/month to backup to Azure + the cost of Azure storage
  • Works with VMWare, Hyper-V and Physical servers
  • Allows pre-disaster orchestrating of a DR which will force you to think about DR before it happens
  • Can be used to migrate existing workloads to Azure

Azure Site Recovery Cons:

  • Requires more IT knowledge than Datto for set up and management
  • Requires Azure knowledge – vnet, storage, ASR and VPNs
  • Does not work with legacy OS, ie Windows 2003, older versions of Linux
  • Requires instance for ASR configuration server, essentially a backup management server