Piece of Mind with AWAY Premium Carry-On Luggage

I purchased an AWAY carry-on luggage on my recent business trip to St Petersburg, FL. I’ve traditionally been the backpacker type with sporting a large backpack everywhere I went but I lacked a nice professional piece of luggage for my business trips. After much research, I decided to pay a premium for the cool startup that makes Casper beds, also the makers of the AWAY luggage carry-on.

AWAY comes in four different sizes, I’d recommend “The Bigger Carry-On” since it fits in all airplane overhead storage and is large enough to fit a few days worth of clothes. The little feature that they all have that makes this a nice touch are that it’s equipped with two USB ports with a battery for charging. It can come in handy in tight situations for sure. It also has a standard TSA approved combination lock.

The luggage is very simple, looks great and drives smooth. I’d expect nothing more, its just simply the perfect little luggage carry-on.

For $20 OFF your AWAY Carry-On: