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Nerdio for Azure Core – What is Nerdio?

I work for a company called Nerdio and today our product team released a new product named Nerdio for Azure Core. Well what is it?

It’s simply an MSP friendly tool that helps manage the complexities of Microsoft Azure made for Managed Service Providers. It offers single pane of glass management to flip in and out between all your customers Azure accounts. Nerdio also helps with quoting using our NFA Cost estimator tool, helping MSPs package their solution and go to market with them. Once a deal is ready to go live, you go to our provisioning section and Nerdio will spin up your full IT environment in your CSP Azure tenant in just 1 hour. Now you’re ready to manage your Azure environment using our tool as well.

Fundamentally, Nerdio for Azure Core allows the MSP to use Azure as a server hosting company that leverages the hyperscale of the Azure public cloud. However, Nerdio doesn’t just allow for management of your IaaS servers. You will also be able to manage Office365, VPN’s, backup and DR, setup the Azure cloud environment for DRaaS using Azure Site Recovery. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Nerdio wanted to extend the use case for MSPs to adopt Azure for all their workloads, not just workloads that required RDS, VDI or WVD. Nerdio for Azure Core extends the uses cases to 100% of MSP workloads.

You can start with a simple domain controller for those who want to get rid of their on-premise DC. Then maybe offload the File Server to the cloud, then your app and SQL servers too.

At any time, you can click a button and perform an in-place upgrade to an RDS enabled account and start publishing your apps to your local PC’s or offer a full workspace or desktop as a service to your customer.

Nerdio is a one stop shop tool for Azure public cloud management for the managed service provider. No longer is a must to get all the Azure certifications to get started. Nerdio levels the playing field for any MSP to compete in Azure.

The 4-Hour Work Week

I spent much of last weekend laying in bed and brainstorming ways to earn extra income. Coming up empty, I stumbled upon Audible, an app I almost never open on my iPhone. Click! There is one audiobook I purchased years ago: Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith. It was probably a assigned reading from work. I decided to browse in the Discovery section of the app to see what may be of interest to me. Audible has since changed its business model towards subscription based purchasing of books. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss caught my eye. I’ve heard of it before and decided to enroll in the trial to download the audiobook for free.

I’m glad I did. I’m only a quarter way though the book, only listening on my drive to work. It has reignited by passion for travel and side hustling for income like I once did prior to my college days. Tim Ferriss talks about Lifestyle hacking and gives endless tips on how to become more productive at work, the 80/20 rule, do more with less effort. I’m even thinking of hiring my own overseas personal assistant. Now I have to come up with enough work for them to do so it makes sense. I’ll write a review of it once I’m done with it. I will say that this book might be better consumed in its original text format rather than in audio. There are concepts that I wish I could go back to reference like links to specific tools, or acronyms that he frequently uses. This is true for any audiobook.

Anyhow back to my additional source of income. I used to make about $400 a month way back in 2004-2006 with my blog. I became a so called “subject matter expert” at age 16-18 and advertisers would contact me about placing links on my website. Little did I know at the time, there are people who make millions a year by just blogging. If only I had stuck with it then, who knows what it would have become 15 years later. Its moot to think about that now. I’ve decided to start blogging again to see where this takes me. My writing is a bit rusty I must admit. Composing hundreds of emails a day at work is quiet different than creatively writing. Time to sharpen my pencil and forge a clear path forward!